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MMC Inc. received an invitation to display a variety of Meccano at a Hobby Fair held in the air-conditioned facilities of the Victorian Racing Club at Sandown.  Jack Parsisson, Graham Jost, David Denner, Peter During, Roger & Sandra Hall and Kimball Monger set up a display on a ring of tables conveniently located around a column close to the glass wall overlooking the racecourse.  HID spotlamps on the column provided the right amount of backlighting.

By 09:00 a queue approximately 100 m long was waiting at the gate for the off.  Over 3,500 tickets would be sold by 12:00.  It is a large venue and resembles an ants' nest.  People were 3 deep around our stand. 
David prepared a display using the most recent products marketed by Nikko which certainly appealed to the younger spectators.  But it confused the adults about the direction Meccano was taking.

Kimball brought along his Rider in the Sky and hill-climb special, Peter had his power press and several smaller models,and Jack showed his Ploughing Engine, gears display and several other models.  Graham aired his latest ping-pong ball machine - quite his best to date, incorporating such advanced elements as a sine wave linear conveyor.  Don't miss the opportunity to see it at our exhibition.  The same goes for his braiding machine which was also having its first outing - quite fascinating to watch.  All told the display was well worth the effort. The crowd thinned out by 15:30 and by 16:30 we were packed up and away.
Kimball Monger
Sandown Expo
14 July 2002